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Quality over Quantity

September 17, 2007


Although having a lot of links pointing to your is a good thing and may lead to a good Page Rank for you page it ain’t that smart to just go hunting for backlinks. I think people are taught the wrong way.

Why not look for something a bit more priceless ?

Of course everything is quite abstract but i could bet that if you would get yourself a few content related backlinks it would do you so much better than having 100 backlinks from spammed pages. Keyword related or topic related pages linking back to you have a much greater effect on your site. Google will see that your pages are related and will say that your page is more reliable rather than cutting down on your rating because you have achieved 10000 spammy links over night.

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How to write backlinks

September 17, 2007


I know the importance of backlinks. Everybody is looking for them, everyone wants to have a huge amount of backlinks.

But why ?

Why are backlinks so important, and why are people spending hours trying to get them. Well backlinks are just plain link that point to a site. Backlinks are important because they grow the popularity of the site they’re pointing to. Almost everyone thinks of backlinks as a vote to the other site. I will try to explain how to build better links for your site.

In the picture above sites A and C are linking to site B which links to site D. Lets say that our sites have the following PR.

Site A : PR 4

Site B : PR 4

Site C : PR 3

Site D : unknown ( or zero, site just created)

Lets say k(X) is the total number of links pointing from the site X to the rest of the world. Let’s say site is pointing to 10 sites then k( would be 10. In this case Page B would benefit from page A and C with about A/k(A) + C/k(C) PR rating. And site D with a B/k(B) rating.

Of course there are a lot more to this than just the number of links pointing in/out of each site but that’s the general idea.